A Shot Worth Taking

A Shot Worth Taking
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November 27, 2016
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Emma Wrangton knows how to play basketball. She knows when to pass, when to drive, when to shoot. She knows how to read the defense, how to adapt when a game takes an unexpected turn, and how to fearlessly face an opponent and fight for the win. Basketball is what she knows; basketball is what she’s good at. What she doesn’t know is how to trust herself when she’s confronted with life-altering decisions off the basketball court. Is it right to turn her back on the only life she’s ever known to face a future of uncertainty? Should she sacrifice her dream to spare herself and others additional heartache? Is it possible to let go of a lifetime of pain to find healing? Afraid to make the wrong decisions, she discovers shots worth taking aren’t always confined by the boundaries of a basketball court.

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Excellent follow up!
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An excellent follow up.

The story:
We meet Emma again when she is still in the early stages of her relationship with Riley, preparing for the basketball playoffs, and doing her best to avoid her family. Most of the book centers on her reconciling with her brothers and eventually her father, trying to understand them, as they realize they may lose her to the college scouts sniffing her way. Her entire life she's been told she isn't good enough by the people she loves most. She even believed it herself. But now is her shot. Can she walk away from her family when they're all still so very broken?

What I loved:
I don't think I've cried that much in a while. And nobody had to die to bring the tears. Emma is one of the saddest characters I've read. I cried every time Lucas screamed at her or when even Riley seemed to give up on her. If it were me, I wouldn't have been as strong as her - or as forgiving. She is incredibly intelligent and kind, willing to overlook years of being ignored and disdained by her family. She loves them fiercely despite their flaws.
I loved seeing each step in her journey to reconciliation, knocking her brothers down one by one. It was amazing to read about.

What was just okay:
Riley wasn't as great a character, but not many are. There were times in this book that I wanted to shake him for lacking any kind of emotional intelligence.

Final Verdict:
A tear inducing story of loving someone at their worst, forgiveness, and courage that can take you anywhere. We could all learn a lot from Emma. It's a pleasure to know her.
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