Daughter of the Mara

Daughter of the Mara
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April 13, 2017
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Jayashree Atkinson knows she’s insane: she’s been told so every day for the past five years. She has to be. After all, most people don’t dream while they’re awake. Locked away at thirteen for a crime she doesn’t remember committing, Jay thought she would spend her entire life within the walls of a psychiatric hospital. Her life is one without hope. She spends each day drifting between what is real and what is pretend until she is unable to distinguish one from the other. Jay believes she will never escape until one day a mysterious young man named Harvey breaks into the hospital to tell her that she is not crazy, that she is in fact a living embodiment of a nightmare: a mara. Freed from her captivity, Jay attempts to return to a normal life and understand who (or what) she really is. She is aided by Harvey and Vivian, another mara who has been banished to the dreamscape, only able to exist in the realm of nightmares. As Jay learns to control the nightmares within her she is soon faced with opponents outside her own mind. These include Harvey’s brother Edmund, whose affection for Jay seems too good to be true, the mother who abandoned her as a child, and an entire court of mara who would see her executed for her merely existing. Torn between the world of humans and the realm of nightmares, Jay must work to control her power and achieve her destiny before forces darker than her own nightmares lock her away for good. Daughter of the Mara is the first book in a planned trilogy which follows Jay’s journey as she learns to how to control her waking nightmares and find her place among a people she’s never known. The series continues in Heir to the Dreamscape and Queen of Nightmares. Daughter of the Mara, a YA fantasy novel, explores the world of nightmares and what happens when you can’t trust your own mind or what you see right in front of you. It is Shadow and Bone meets A Nightmare on Elm Street set to the tune of “Enter Sandman.”

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The story:
Jayashree is insane. At least that’s what the staff at the psychiatric hospital have been telling her for the past five years. But when a stranger with peculiar gifts arrives at the hospital and helps her escape she quickly learns her ability to dream while awake doesn’t make her crazy, it makes her a Mara.
As she learns to control her gifts with the help of her rescuer Harvey, Jay soon discovers there is more to being a Mara than creating nightmares. Does she have what it takes to fulfil her destiny?

What I loved:
The first chapter was full of intrigue and interesting characters drawing me in straight away. It was an original story and I enjoyed learning about the world of the Mara.

What was just okay:
The first few chapters may have drawn me in but at times I did feel the story was quite slow. It took a while for anything exciting to happen and Jay could be quite annoying, especially when she developed feelings for Harvey’s brother when they’d only met a couple of times. But, her school girl behaviour only made me care and root for Harvey.

Final Verdict:
This was a great kick off to a very interesting and original series. Now that the story has been built and set, I expect the next book will be much faster paced and I look forward to watching Jayashree grow as a Mara.

Good Points
Interesting storyline.
Great opening chapter.
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