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February 02, 2015
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Marked is about Hanna, a teenage girl who witnesses a murder and then is marked with a symbol by the dying boy. The symbol allows her to access and experience his memories, as well as giving her super human abilities. It also marks her as a target and now fallen angels are after her because of what the boys memories contain. His memories hold the clues to who The Chosen is. The Chosen is destined to either join the dark side allowing the gates of Hell to open and all the fallen angels to reign over the Earth, or the side of light where he will defeat the darkness and save mankind. Hanna's mission after she joins with a sect of supernaturally gifted humans is to find out who The Chosen is and get to him before The Fallen find him. If Hanna and her friends can get to him first they have a chance at steering him onto the right path. But the journey won't be easy with Blondie, a sadistic and cruel fallen angel who has the ability to get inside your head, hot on their trail. He can blur the lines between dreams and reality, leaving very real wounds behind in the physical world. Hanna must overcome these attacks as well as a betrayal of a close friend if she is to succeed.

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Fast paced paranormal thriller
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The story:

Hanna is a typical teenage girl - not the prettiest, not the most popular, and totally not prepared for what lies in wait for her. A deadly encounter in an alley behind a nightclub leaves her with a mark on her arm that provides her with supernatural powers that can neither explain nor control. To make matters worse, there seems to be a wicked, fallen angel she dubs "Blondie" dogging her every step.

As her normal life gives way to bizarre, she finds herself keeping secrets from friends and family, all while juggling the attentions of two hot guys - lifelong friend Jared who has always had a thing for Hanna, and Will, the only guy able to help explain what's happening to her.

What I loved:

I was quite impressed with Ms. McDonald's debut effort. Hanna was a good main character, and the chemistry she had with Jared was terrific. I liked how she discovered little details of her new situation a piece at a time instead of all at once, and the ending set up the next book in the series very well.

What I didn’t love:

This was Ms. McDonald’s debut effort, and it felt like it. There were a lot of run-on sentences that often made me stop and reread them. Hanna was likeable but a bit whiny sometimes, and while Blondie was a sinister, sadistic villain, he crossed the line into cartoony on occasion.

My Final Verdict:
Marked is a thoroughly enjoyable YA read. It never gets overcomplicated and the pacing is really good, and the characters feel authentic for their age.
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Marked is a YA Urban Fantasy and is the first book in a completed trilogy. It contains some mild language, violence, and some sensuality.
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