Blood Magic (Abnormals Underground #1)

Blood Magic (Abnormals Underground #1)
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May 15, 2017
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Turned into a vampire at the age of two, Alyssa has spent the last 14 years pretending to be human in a society who hates "Abnormals" like her. She's done just fine gossiping with the other girls, wearing pink, and becoming an expert sword fighter in order to vent her killer instincts. But then the Mage Xavier shows up at her school and introduces her to a whole other reality under her feet—Abnormals Underground, an entire society of supernatural beings hiding under the city of Cumberland. Alyssa can ignore his pleas for her to join them as a warrior—for about two hours. When her father goes missing, Alyssa will have no choice but to become a part of the world she's fought to avoid her entire life if she's to get him back from the mayor of Cumberland. That wouldn't be so hard, except that it turns out he's a demon bent on world domination. But joining Abnormals Underground means more than just facing her true nature. Alyssa will have no choice but to draw close to Xavier and share his magic if she's to have any hope of rescuing her father. Both she and Xavier hold secrets, and Alyssa has only begun to discover that she's far more Abnormal than she thought...

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Highly enjoyable read for 13 years and over...
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Blood Magic (Abnormals Underground, #1)

The Story:
In a world where paranormal species are outcasts, Alyssa is bitten by a vampire and transforms. Now the authorities have her father, an underground organization wants her to join, and an apprentice mage wants to be her fighting partner.

The Characters:
Alyssa is a teenage vampire who has attempted to stay out of the spotlight since a young age. She makes great decisions, which you would expect after a lifetime hiding a dark secret. This character knows how to protect herself and has a strong moral compass.
Xavier, an apprentice mage, has a story to rival Alyssa’s. The layers of his sad past are entrenched in the plot, and he has a strong presence throughout.

The World:
Set in a present-day Earth where demons are corrupting the world and all paranormal species are hunted. The world building is simple and visual, and the reader gets a clear insight into the different types of paranormals and their powers.

The Readability:
Easy to read and visual style perfect for a young adult reader.

Final Verdict:
Highly enjoyable read for 13 years and over.

Favorite Quote:
“He was so mysterious and dangerous, so free. I didn’t feel like I could have the bravery to be like that.”

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