I Dream of Fire

I Dream of Fire
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April 11, 2017
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In a not-so-distant future, Dreams really do come true… When the world ignores a warning of destruction, it rebuilds itself around the Dreamers that can predict and prevent another catastrophe. Dreamers are revered, rich, and powerful. They are protected from all the dangers this new world presents. So when Charlie discovers she has the talent, she’s shocked that her parents want her to hide it. Her father spends years secretly teaching her the rules and helping those she sees in danger, rather than sending her away to be trained and protected. Now in her final year at school, with her own future uncertain, she'll be faced with the choice of following her Dreams... or her heart. Combining elements of several genres, this debut novella will captivate readers who enjoy paranormal, dystopian, and young adult books.

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The story:

Charlie Abbot lives in a dystopian world where “dreamers” are a precious national commodity. Dreamers, you see, can foretell the future, and are cultivated by the government in order to prevent catastrophes and terrorist attacks. Charlie, much to her chagrin, is having the same recurring dream – that of a fiery inferno, at the center of which is a boy she doesn’t know. And because her father has gone out of his way to keep her ability a secret, she despairs that this boy will die.

And then he turns up at her school.

What I loved:

At a crisp 85 pages long, I dream of fire doesn’t waste any time getting right into the story. The world Charlie lives in, which is still recovering from a devastating catastrophe, kind of wraps around the reader as the story goes along. Told in first person from Charlie’s POV, we get to see her conflict when she meets (literally) the boy of her dreams, not realizing the consequences of their meeting, and their burgeoning relationship, will bring. Charlie is a great character, and I hope to get to know her better in coming books.

What I didn’t like:

There wasn’t much. The book’s short length, while a plus, also was a detriment in that I think there was a lot more story that could have been told. The framework is definitely there, and I hope Ms. Huff chooses to expound on this world she’s created in future books.

My Final Verdict:
I read I Dream of Fire in a matter of hours, but the story stayed with me for days after that. If you are looking for a quick read that gets you thinking, then I would recommend this book.
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