The Convergence (Converters, Book 1)

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March 11, 2016
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Hiding unbelievable physical abilities, seventeen-year-old Desiree Morgan buries herself inside the realities of high school. But when Blake Thomas infiltrates her life, all of Desiree’s secrets begin to unravel. With answers come more questions and soon she is entangled in a world of secret societies, human experimentation, perilous power-struggles, and ultimate sacrifice. To escape, Desiree can’t be simply extraordinary…she must redefine the impossible. THE CONVERGENCE is a story of one girl’s search to understand herself and the realization of what makes her truly great.

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The story:
Desiree is hiding a secret, one she’s desperate to hide from everyone she loves, but when new boy Blake arrives at school and shows interest in her, she soon learns her secrets can’t stay hidden forever. Although Blake could hold all of the answers to her questions, Desiree discovers there’s more at play than she could’ve imagined.

What I loved:
The Convergence was a fresh take on the young female discovering she has special powers story. The characters were well-developed and I enjoyed watching their relationships change and evolve throughout the story as I discovered who Desiree and Blake really were. Although it was a slow start, the last half to third of the book was fast paced and I couldn’t put it down.

What was just okay:
The first half to three-quarters of the book was a slow build. While the author took time to build relationships it did slow down the story in the beginning. The relationship between Desiree and Blake was a little cliché and predictable, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying their story.

Final Verdict:
The Convergence started out slow but when it kicked up a notch in the second half it was impossible to put down.
Good Points
Well-developed characters
Interesting plot
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