The Dragon Hunter and the Mage

The Dragon Hunter and the Mage
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April 25, 2016
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Magic can make you invincible, if it doesn't kill you first. Aric and Fadan are half-brothers. Both sons of the Empress, but only one of them the son of the Emperor. A decade earlier, Fadan's powerful father tore the Empire in two by outlawing the use and practice of magic. Forbidden from seeing each other, Aric and Fadan defy the Emperor and wander the vast Imperial Citadel until one night, they stumble upon an ancient Manual of Magic. They are faced with a choice: take the book straight to the Emperor or see if one of them has the forbidden magical Talent. Their world is turned upside down and the half-brothers find themselves swept away as tragedy and conspiracy separate them, sending each to either end of the Empire. In a world of dark mages, massive creatures, and vengeful gods, one will train as a Dragon Hunter while the other taps into magical powers that could spell his execution. Dark forces are moving in the shadows and no one in the Empire is ready for what’s to come. Will Aric and Fadan survive to ever see each other again?

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Whew, what a fun ride. The Dragon Hunter and the Mage was definitely my kind of book. Exciting, intriguing, endearing – all words that describe this story. The story centers around two brothers, Fadan and Aric. There is not a single thing not to like about these two. They’re teenagers who are trying to find their way in a world that is much more dangerous than they ever imagined. The beginning of the story sees them separated. Aric is sent to become a dragon hunter; a fate few expect him to survive. Fadan remains at the palace to learn the true price of who and what he is. It’s amazing that in a world so different from ours, one where magic and dragons loom, the heroes are two kids that anyone could identify with. They are so very normal, despite the circumstances of their births or the powers they have, and yet they rise to the occasion.

“Learning to do it consists of teaching your body that everything it knows is wrong. Up can be down, fire can freeze, air can be solid …” I’ve never read a book that deals with magic quite it this way. It’s so very unique and frankly genius. There are many quotes from the story that have stayed with me.
There were times when I lost interest in certain parts of the story, mainly only Aric’s, but that never lasted more than a chapter or two. Every lull is followed by heart pounding action.

The beginning of the story is brilliant and had me gripped right from the start. It’s long for a YA book – as most fantasies are – but I didn’t feel the length. That’s a mark of great writing. This book pulls off something that isn’t easy to do. It cohesively combines the brilliant world building and character development of fantasy with the easy-to-read cinematic style of young adult literature. And the best part – the story is only just beginning. I can’t wait for more.
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