The Lost Girls

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August 08, 2015
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Abigail Harper has had it rough. She’s lost everything she’s ever loved. Her parents. Her home. And, eventually, her best friend. Afraid of almost everything and tormented at school by the only one she ever called friend, Abigail doesn’t think life could get any worse.

She soon realizes that life could get much worse. In fact, it could become an absolute catastrophe. During a cruel prank and in a moment of terrible weakness, Abigail makes a wish. And to her astonishment and utter horror, the wish comes true. And it brings with it monstrous consequences.

Now, she’s been shuffled halfway across the country, to a small New England town that not even the Internet seems to have a record of. And from the moment she arrives, Abigail knows something's off - maybe even seriously wrong - about the mysterious Shadow Springs. Full of secrets, dark surprises and a sinister presence that seems hellbent on her destruction, Abigail must turn to a strange group of girls to find answers: The Lost Girls.

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