Chrysoprase (Chalcedony Chronicles #2)

Chrysoprase (Book Two of The Chalcedony Chronicles) by B. Kristin McMichael
Publisher Name
Lexia Press, LLC
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Published Date
June 26, 2014
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Mari had her time in the past and is finally home. Unfortunately, she didn’t understand the goddess’ warning that traveling to the past would have consequences. She could never have imagined what those consequences would be, but she quickly finds out that not everything is the way she left it. Now Mari must learn how to time travel if she wants to put her life back into the order it was before she went into the past to be with Seth. Mari soon discovers that time traveling isn’t as easy as she thought it, and the goddess refuses to help her learn. Mari must turn to an old friend, someone she never planned to see again, and get his help if she wants to right what she has changed. But even that might come with a price. Mari travels into the past again to find loved ones. Her journey brings a few answers, and a few more questions, to the puzzle that is her life. Mari can quickly see why her mother went to the future, and Mari needs to do the same as soon as she can to bring her loved ones back. The past is far more complicated, and dangerous than she ever imagined—particularly for Mari. She might just be the missing piece who can solve everyone else’s puzzles.

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