Secrets Found

Secrets Found
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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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December 31, 2012
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Harrison White never expected to have his world turned upside down…again. Raised by his oldest brother when their father’s untimely death joined hands with their mother’s disappearance years before he thought the world already threw everything at him. News about who his mother really was brought him to his knees as he learns of a responsibility that now rests on his young shoulders. He thought the hardest thing he had to do this year was graduate high school not become something he wasn’t. Hunted by a member of the Benandanti Harrison learns that there are things creeping among the shadows. Things that not only go bump in the night but turn your dreams into nightmares and emerge straight into your reality. He has to learn to survive and to fight not only for himself, but for those that he‘s supposed to save. In a world of magic he is forced to follow the path his mother laid out for another. Only one question still remains…. When the shadows close in… you run or fight?

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