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April 23, 2013
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The atmosphere of Earth is dying and Governments are unable to stop it. Best estimates predict that in less than a decade the air will be un-breathable. Seeing the end approaching, a private group of powerful people come together from all parts of the world to take matters into their own hands.
Their intention is to dramatically reduce the number of people on the planet, they believe this is the only way to save the atmosphere, and they have the money and the technical means to do it.
Their scientists create and release a lethal hybrid virus designed to cull the unwanted portion of the human population and leave unaffected those they have deemed worthy of survival which, of course, includes themselves. The virus is released in Bangalore India with timed releases to follow all across the planet. Their plan is set in motion but something goes terribly wrong. The human population of Earth is devastated. Billions die as the virus evolves into a global plague and time is quickly running out for the human race.
Jack and Sara, two survivors, have a bold plan to try and save what remains of humanity. Their plan is simple. They will take a sample of the plague to the scientists living aboard the International Space Station. The ISS crew is not infected and Jack believes their scientific expertise is humankind’s best hope to find a cure.
The plan is for Jack and Sara to travel to New Mexico and fly the Jericho One spaceplane to the International Space Station but there are two big problems. Jack and Sara are teenagers and the Jericho One is little more than a carnival ride for rich tourists to experience weightlessness.
The commander of the ISS explains to them the risks of attempting to fly a craft designed for low earth orbit beyond its safe operational limits but Sara and Jack are determined to try. The odds are against them but there is a lot at stake and the crew of the ISS will help any way they can because, risky or not, these two young people hold out the only real hope of saving the people of Earth.

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