Sword Hax

Sword Hax
Co-Authors / Illustrators
  • Manda Diamond
Publisher Name
Joey Kirby
Age Group
Published Date
April 04, 2013
ISBN Number
ASIN Number
Have you ever found yourself wielding a powerful sword and fighting off a bunch of enemies who happen to be anime stereotypes? Wade sure has! He started out as an employee at a school uniform store. The next thing he knew, a beautiful girl identifying herself as "Fun Size" came asking for his help to save someone only known as "The Countess". Apparently, Wade is the only person that can use the sword and no one will tell him why. No one will tell him what he has to do with "The Countess" being kidnapped either. What exactly is going on here?! With enough boss battles to fill a video game and enough anime/manga stereotypes to make a full length series, Sword Hax delivers an adventure you won't soon forget!

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