The Adventures of Peter Tate

The Adventures of Peter Tate
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January 20, 2013
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Peter Tate has no idea that he is the most famous child in the country. Orphaned at an early age and raised in total isolation by a foster family of survivalists, he spends his days learning skills such as self-defense, weaponry, and bug eating. Peter dislikes the survivalist ways of the Judds and finds solace solving math problems and playing soccer. He yearns to see the world beyond the Judd Compound and discovers that he has a special gift – a photographic memory.
Peter’s life takes a dramatic turn on his eleventh birthday when his true guardian, Jake Hartman, arrives with the news that Peter is the heir to a great fortune. Jake brought Peter to the Judds ten years earlier after a failed kidnapping attempt left Peter an orphan. The kidnapping had been carried out by someone close to the Tate family, and as the primary heir to the family fortune, Peter’s life was – and still is – in constant danger. Jake explains that the Judd family, albeit strange, offered a safe haven until Peter was old enough to learn the terms of his father’s will.
According to the will, Peter takes full control of the family fortune upon his twenty-first birthday. Until then, he is to attend a very special school – Tate Academy. Founded and funded by Peter’s father, the exclusive school accepts only the top students in the country and entrance is based purely on merit – except in Peter’s case.
Even though Peter quickly finds a roommate and best friend, the soccer star Carlos Hernandez, he still struggles to fit into the exclusive school. Peter’s spoiled and obnoxious cousin, Maximilian Tate, also attends the school. Peter’s run-ins with Maximilian and his sidekick Quinn frequently lead to trouble.
Peter’s photographic memory helps him discover a hidden room and tunnels in the Civil War-era buildings that make up the school campus. Peter’s initial exploration of these hidden tunnels ends with an attempt on his life. Could it be Bill Campbell, the head of Tate Industries and the executor of the Tate estate, or Dr. Swarm the Headmaster at Tate Academy, or one of Peter’s surviving relatives – Uncle Morton, Aunt Eileen or their son Maximilian? Could Peter trust his guardian and the Head of Security at Tate Academy, Jake Hartman? Or is there someone else who stands to profit from the death of the richest boy in the world? Join Peter as he seeks to uncover his past in order to understand his future.

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