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May 06, 2012
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“I think guys and gals alike will enjoy Skid and it’s fast story line. It was a quick read and keeps a great pace.” - Mandy on Goodreads

“This is a great, character driven, fast paced read with a unique plot/premise that you can not put down.” - Angela Townsend, Author of AMAROK

"I look at the pavement and the track is drying nicely and makes this morning's rain a distant memory. Cool. Let's get this thing rolling.
The Ferrari parks in the second slot beside us. I glance up. Swelling clouds blot out the horizon. Those clouds weren't there an hour ago. I check my side mirror and all the cars are in position.
Red light number one comes on. I focus.
Light number two...I shift into first.
Light three...I bring my best friend's 720 horses up to full power.
Light four...She strains under me. Alive. Wild. Dangerous. Wait for it, girl.
Light five...The whine from twenty-four engines drown out the world.
And then...the lights go dark." - An excerpt from SKID

Samantha's racing dreams come true when a struggling Formula 1 team takes a long-shot on a seventeen-year-old girl from Oklahoma who shows unusual promise behind the wheel. But staying on top of the leader board will take every ounce of determination and fire Samantha has to fight for her job and for the world championship. Even if that means confronting the only fear that will keep Samantha from becoming the race car driver she is destined to be.

“Samantha soon wormed her way into my heart and I found myself routing for her, both in love and in races. I could hardly put the book down and read it in less than two days.” - Jess from the UK

“It has a very original and exciting plot with a blend of perfection - sports and a strong heroine! Doug Solter completely nailed Samantha's feeling, thoughts, and emotions.” - Erfra on Goodreads

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