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Curse as Dark as Night
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A Wendigo is a mythical creature appearing in the mythology of the Algonquian Indians. It is a malevolent cannibalistic spirit into which humans could transform or which could possess humans. Well, just how mythical this creature is, is the subject of Rick Yanceys follow-up to The Monstrumologist, the action packed, gory, exciting book about Anthropophagi, beasts without a head, who have their faces on their body.

As in the first book, in The Curse of the Wendigo, the author is purportedly merely publishing the journal of Will Henry, who at the time of his death was aged around 130. However, the events in the journal took place when he was twelve. Of course, the famous monstrumologist, Pellinore Warthrop, Will Henrys guardian and mentor, plays a significant role in the bookl. Will Henry describes events concerning their search for and ultimate rescue of John Chanler, Warthrops best friend and husband of his ex-fiance, Muriel, the woman he always loved. John has traveled to Canada in search of the Wendigo and has not returned. Although Warthrop initially refuses to attempt to find him, love and duty win out and Warthrop and Henry set out on their journey.

They do find Chanler, malnourished and delirious, and bring him home. It is during their return journey and their stay in New York City for the annual Monstrumologist Conference that the action, blood and guts and gore, and cannibalism begin. Victims of Chanlers attacks are many and include Will Henry himself.

Unlike The Monstrumologist, The Curse of the Wendigo deals more with the philosophical, the existence or non-existence of this creature. Warthrop is dead set against admitting that such a blood thirsty being exists and has taken over Chanler, despite evidence to the contrary. His peers are divided on the issue. While there is blood and guts aplenty, there is less so and less action than in The Monstrumologist. Theres even a touch of romance, both for Will Henry and Pellinore Warthrop, but not enough to deter those interested in action and adventure.

I enjoyed The Curse of the Wendigo, but not quite as much as The Monstrumologist. Having said that, Im sure theres a third book coming out and Im definitely looking forward to reading it. If you like the weird, the bloody, the action packed, then these two books are for you. After writing about Anthropophagi and Wendigos, I cant imagine what Yancey will write about next. Whatever it is, itll surely grab you. (Just make sure it doesnt bite!)
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