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Prepare to be Hunted
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Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter is about the response of an ex-Vietnam sniper named Bob Lee Swagger to being framed for the attempted shooting of the president that kills a Salvadorian archbishop. The real perpetrators were a semi-official organization known as RamDyne that used the killing to end the Bishops investigation on their atrocities in the name of Justice. Mr. Swagger does what he does best. He hunts RamDyne


The secondary plot involves the investigation of Mr. Swagger by the F.B.I. The story follows a talented special agent Nick Memphis who as part of the Swagger investigation is quietly betrayed at every turn by his power hungry boss Howard D. Uety. Nick begins to stumble onto the truth but in doing so risks his career. He ends up eventually teaming up with swagger to bring down the organization behind it all.

This thriller satisfies with its rough justice and a tough main character that you cant help but admire. When reading it you always root for Swagger to overcome the impossible odds against him and bring the men fighting against him to justice. Bob Lee is a disciple of the rifle and reading this book you see guns in a new light. This book ends with a very satisfying legal turnabout that shows that Mr. Swagger can outwit anyone in any way possible and leaves you begging for another Swagger book.
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