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The Future is Now in the 80's
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Reader reviewed by Ben

Case is the main character and a technology freak in this book.  He has all the information anyone could ever have at his fingertips.  Many people buy him out and try to gain his knowledge with money.  One day he double-crossed a very bad group of intelligent minds and he took their money, they then came after him, they took all of his knowledge out of his mind.  He was now no longer intelligent and had lost of of his skills and was taken out of cyberspace.  Case thought he would die for sure.  However someone offered him a second chance, and told him that he would get all of his skills and knowledge back, if he paid the price.  After I finished reading this intense novel of computers and cyberspace, I fell into it, it felt like I was in the book.  It all made sense to me, however, it is future for that time period, it is not reality for us, and it doesn't look like it will come soon.  This book was interesting and an attention grabber, but it lagged a sense of reality and halfway through the novel it went out of my realm of imagination.  I recommend this book to readers with an experienced level of reading and a great since of imagination.  It is an intense reading in the beginning but it's starts to get hard to put things together after reading halfway through it.  I would not read this book again.
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