Black-Eyed Suzie

Black-Eyed Suzie
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March 01, 2002
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Suzie is a dark-eyed twelve-year-old who desperately needs to feel safe and worthy of love. Seeking only to be "good enough," she remains motionless and silent for hours on end, feeling the walls of her psychological prison pressing against her. Ultimately, Suzie finds herself in a mental hospital where she begins a long and fear-filled journey. To make sense of her world, Suzie must piece together a puzzle that involves seemingly unrelated clues--a broken bicycle, a torn picture, peacock feathers, and more--which together reveal a secret that is likely to change Suzie's life forever, and give her an opportunity to regain her voice and reclaim here spirit.

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Reader reviewed by Bernice

She won't talk, sleep, eat, or walk. Trapped in her "box", 12 year old Suzie is sent to a mental hospital. It is there, at St. Dorothy's, that she is able to recooperate from her troubles at home.
Suzie slowly begins to rebuild her life one step at a time, and when she finally figures out her reason for hiding in her "psychological prison", Suzie is sent free as the "eagle" she was meant to be.

I never thought such violence from a loved one could make a person so afraid to do anything. As I read this book, it reminded me of a girl in my class who is very timid, shy, and silent all the time. I started wondering if problems at home were what triggered her sudden "shutdown", but this book helped me see, that no matter the problem, people need time to recover, and that's just what Suzie gets. She learns to recover and forgive her mother for every awful thing that has happened to her.
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