The Legend of Vinny Whiskers

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"A Million Smiles"
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Reader reviewed by Noel Furniss, Teen Demi-Goddess

Boomerang Lookout is the runt of the litter, with a name that has cursed him since birth. The original Boomerang Lookout was a member of the Lost Six, those who left their home, the Ward, and never returned. They were henceforth considered Outlaws, and their names were not dared spoken. Being small has made Boomers life miserable, and so he decides to venture away from the Ward. On his journey he learns the true history of his namesake, and is thrust to the front of a power struggle between the Rats and the Wee, a band of small animals that lived in peace until the Rat Nation took over. Can Boomer fight for the lives and futures of these people, as well as his own?

I thought The Legend of Vinny Whiskers was a very good read, even though I usually dont enjoy reading from an animals perspective. Greg Kemp has an amazing gift of writing, as well as humor! I fell in love with the characters and hilarious dialogue, even some of the names! (Kung and Fu for example. How can you not love that?) One thing that particularly struck me is what Boomers namesake used to say, Forget who you are and realize instead what we all are. Its a powerful message, and one that we all need to consider every once in awhile. Its great that Mr. Kemp can use the clever disguise of the life of a prairie dog to send such a profound message to the youth of today. I have high hopes for this book, that it will enable its readers to take a look at themselves and realize that it doesnt matter how small or tall you are, it doesnt matter what shape or size, but WHO you are, and what we ALL are, that matter. Anyone can make a difference, they simply need to trust in themselves. This book is on my to read to my future children list, and I highly suggest that school teachers to the same (just replace future children with students). I know that Mr. Kemp is going to make a name for himself in the writing world, and I anxiously await another marvelous novel from his intriguing mind. Congrats, Greg! Two thumbs up!
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