The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle (Book 2)

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Could you stand tall in the face of danger?
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Reader reviewed by GRgenius

Elena Gilbert is at the heart of a never ending tug of war between vampire brothers Stefan and Damon.  The first had already won her affection, but the later is not use to rejection and refuses to step down on his attempts to sway her decision.  Stefan disappears and she is sure that Damon is the one behind it.  She stares danger in the face to uncover his whereabouts and yet even with this discovery there is still a terrible force that threatens them all.  Will Elena and her friends be able to withstand the paranormal force stalking them?  Who is pulling the strings in this elaborate charade?

Picking up exactly where the first book leaves off, author L.J. Smith does not leave you scrapping for details in order to recollect the prior novel.  Although short in length, the story flow feels appropriate neither too drawn out or fast paced.  A good weekend (or week night) read for readers of the YA genre.  Happy reading!
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