Dead Girl in Love (Dead Girl #3)

Dead Girl in Love (Dead Girl #3)
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August 01, 2009
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Oh, wow--I'm my own best friend. Or at least, I'm in her body! Okay, this assignment will be quick and easy. Thanks, Grammy! See, my dead grandmother keeps finding people who have big problems and then I have the freaky experience of stepping into their life--and their body!--to provide help. This time, I'm in the body of my BFF, Alyce. Since Alyce and I know everything about each other, I won't have to do a lot of detective work, which is a definite plus. But, as Alyce, I've got some really pressing questions to answer--starting with, What am I doing in this coffin?

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Just Another Day in the Life of a Temp Lifer
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Amber thought her days as a Temp Lifer were over.  A Temp Lifer receives assignments to go into the bodies of those who have issues and try to help them out.  Her grandmother just happens to be in charge of Temp Lifers, which doesnt make the assignments any easier.  This time around Amber finds herself in the body of her BFF, Alyce.  This assignment should be a piece of cake.  They are best friends and share everything.  But when she wakes up and finds herself in a coffin, Amber wonders how much she really knows about Alyce.

To make matters worse, she runs into Gabe, a Dark Lifer, who instead of helping, hijackes living bodies.  And Gabe is on the run from the DD team, for alluding death.  Seems he wants something from Amber and is willing to make a deal.  She struggles with her feelings with Gabe while trying to find out the reason behind Alyces real fascination with cemeteries. Add a grandmother who really is stuck back in time while in Ambers body, a startling revelation, and of course, Ambers determination to just finish her assignment and get back to her boyfriend Eli.   

Singleton once more delivers with this third book in the Dead Girl series.  Amber has now stepped into the bodies of three different people.  This last one, which should be the easiest, has her questioning how much she really knew about her best friend.  I loved the relationship Amber has with her dead grandmother, who ends up taking over her body.  The chemistry between both of them is real and refreshing. 

I especially love how all books link together.  Twists and turns are everywhere in this fast paced read.  Sure to be a big hit for those who love YA paranormals.  Singleton does a fab job of hooking the reader in with a great cast of characters and a plot line that is sure to have readers asking for more!

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