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October 01, 1999
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In this powerful novel researched in NYC schools, Newbery Medalist Virginia Hamilton documents the struggle young people face as they simultaneously assert their independence and yearn for guidance.

Friendship isn't always easy. Natalie is different from the other girls in Dreenie's fifth-grade class. She comes to school in a wheelchair, always wearing a knitted hat. The kids call her "Bluish" because her skin is tinted blue from chemotherapy. Dreenie is fascinated by Bluish -- and a little scared of her, too. She watches Bluish and writes her observations in her journal. Slowly, the two girls become good friends. But Dreenie still struggles with with Bluish's illness. Bluish is weak and frail, but she also wants to be independent and respected. How do you act around a girl like that?

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Reader reviewed by Dylana

This is more of a children's book, but teens will fully enjoy it, too. And enjoy it a lot. It brings back childhood memories and is very interesting. It's about Dreenie, a fifth grader, and her interest in Natalie, whom she calls Bluish, becaus eof her pale skin from chemotherapy. She and Bluish become friends and teach the rest of the class about being different and how that's OK. it's a very realistic and heart warming story you'll totally love. Plus it's fast and you want to know what happens next. It takes place in New York, which is always fun.
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