fat hoochie prom queen

fat hoochie prom queen
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May 06, 2008
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A Feisty Latino
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Bridget Benson beat Margarita Diaz (Madge) out of a TV role when they were 8 years old.  Madge was devastated.  But she was even more devastated when Bridget didnt return her phone calls.  It was the end of a beautiful friendship.

Bridgets career took off.  She is gorgeous&what a teen TV star is supposed to look like.  She has her cadre of followers and is liked for her star power rather than herself.  She has to maintain her star image and works hard for it. 

Madge, on the other hand, decided acting wasnt for her.  In the intervening 10 years, shes put on a few pounds&well maybe a little more than a few pounds.  She now tips the scale at over 200 pounds, but she has no body image problems.  Actually, shes feisty and friendly and an all around dynamo.

In a fit of drunken daring, Madges gay best friend Lucas dares her, for $50, to ask Bridget why she, already popular, is running for Prom Queen.  Bridgets demeaning response prompts Madge to run against her¬ because she wants the prize.  Only to deny Bridget the honor.  Thus begins a humorous, serious, rollicking account of the Prom Queen race. 

As with any such book, you have romance:  Madge thinks Redneck Randy is cute.  Lucas is having problems with his boyfriend Zach who is not quite ready to come out.  Bridget thinks shes irresistible to every guy.  Youve got family problems:  Madges mom wants her to eat healthy but Madge cant resist Krispy Kremes or McDonalds.   Madges workaholic dad has a heart attack.  I wont tell you about Bridgets mother.  Let that be a surprise.  And I certainly wont tell you who became Prom Queen.

In fat hoochie prom queen, Nico Medina has created a bunch of characters you immediately like (Madge, Lucas, Lucas Mom-Mitzi) and some you dont especially like (Bridget).  Hes created a story that has both fun moments and serious moments.  He has created a great beach read.  Give it a try.

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