The Carpenter of Auguliere

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A Special Place for a Carpenter
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Reader reviewed by Jessie

I loved this little gem.  This is really a must read.  I dont care what the others say, right from the start the story pulls you in.  In the Prologue, we see how the author  means to shape the story.  We see how he directs you to certain symbols.  This cute little story, set in the olden days far away in Europe makes you recall stories of the long past.  The human aspect of the characters is very intriguing, as the plot of the story is peeled off page by page.   Slowly the interactions of the characters reveal the more sinister underpinning of a disturbed mind.  Here, the author paints a picture of someone from a tortured childhood, someone who must find a way to get even with evils done to him.  And yet, he falls short of his own vile scheme, leading to his own demise. 


I was impressed with the way little elements of this story mesh with the larger picture the players portray.  Perhaps we get a glimpse at what gears turn in this new authors plotting mind.  The girl is a strong character, capable of making us respond.  One chapter is a tear jerker and the next takes us on a voyage through someone elses mind, the mind of an inventive person who only intends good.  (Thats good for a change!).  You can tell I have a special place for this carpenter.  Dworskys good.

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