Geek Abroad

Geek Abroad
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May 06, 2008
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geek school part deux
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Reader reviewed by stephanie

Like Geek High, Geek Abroad was a purely fun and entertaining novel.

What I liked most about Geek Abroad was how even though Miranda seemed like one of the smartest person I will ever know; she also has another side: a stupid side. But then again, most of us do. She ends up making a huge mistake or a small one, depending on how you look at it and freaks out when its all just a huge misunderstanding. I liked how Piper gave us another side of Miranda and, like I said for the other book, it made Miranda seem more real and more like someone we can be friends with.

Henry, the very cute and available British guy who Miranda met in England, is someone who I have positive and negative feelings for. Positive: hes cute (duh!) and hes really sweet. Negative: hes kind of a naggy person (is that even a word?) especially in the emails. I mean, I love people sending me emails and everything but he goes on and on about the most pointless things and Im just like: hello? Are we done?

Another thing I didnt really like too much about Geek Abroad is something related to Henrys emails. I didnt like how the emails just had his point of view in it. What happened to Mirandas point of view?! The emails were all to Miranda from Henry and you could kind of understand what she said but, at first, I didnt realize that she was answering back. You had to read between the lines to understand.

Anyway, Geek Abroad is just a book you can sit back and relax into.
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