Geek High

Geek High
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November 06, 2007
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geek school
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Reader reviewed by stephanie

Geek High was cute and a fun read.

What I liked best about Geek High was the witty plot. Miranda is a math genius who ends up going to Geek High, a school for gifted students. They, on the other hand, had useful gifts instead of just being able to add, subtract, multiply and divide in their head. I loved how Piper made it seem like math geniuses are just normal students kids with feelings and imagination that even though they are special, you should treat them like&normal kids. I believe that this is what we should do in real life that just because someone seems different, we should still treat them with the respect they deserve.

Miranda is a very interesting girl. Even though she doesnt seem to know it, she is actually really funny and unlike any other math geniuses I know. And believe me, I know quite a few. She is outside of what a normal math genius is like and with her fun, clever ideas, I find that I enjoyed reading about her immensely. I can just imagine her sitting next time&helping me with my math homework! Hahaha. However, despite all her positive characters, I really didnt like her insecurities. She was always insecure about what would happen, who liked or didnt like her, etc. There were quite a few times when I just wanted to smack her and say, Girl, take a chill pill. Honestly.

In some ways, Geek High is like the typical chick lits. Why? Because there is a conflict, a tad of drama, oh, and a very cute guy. Oh lala. ^^
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