Motown and Didi

Motown and Didi
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September 01, 1987
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Motown lives in a burned-out building one floor above the rats, searching out jobs every day, working his muscles every night, keeping strong, surviving. Didi lives in her cool dream bubble, untouched by the Harlem heat that beats down on her brother until only drugs can soothe him. Didi escapes, without needles, in her tidy plans and stainless visions, etchings of ivycovered colleges where her true life will begin. Didi can survive inside her own safe mind, until Motown steps into her real world and makes it bearable. Together they can stand the often brutal present. What about the future?

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A romance in the Hood
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Reader reviewed by peacechik

motown and didi showed me that even in the worst of times theres still a possibility for romance. motown is a teenage boy who stays to himself mostly. Didi is a girl who does the same thing. Fate brings them together after years of ignoring each other even they tho they both live in the same part of harlem. as the book progresses, their love 4 each other grows as well problems such as didi's brother's drug problem. even after a tragedy occurs, didi and motown manage to stay together. :)
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