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Go Fly a Kite
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November 17, 2008
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Reader reviewed by Gaines Fox

Go Fly a Kite Book ReportsMay 2009

The following book reports are submitted on behalf of advanced Grade 3 and average Grade 4 students who studied Go Fly a Kite in their classroom in a Canadian elementary school. They are unedited.

I think Go Fly a Kite is a great juvenile novel because it has lots of adventure scenes and a lot of horrifying exciting parts in it. For example, one of my favorite parts was when Ben and Doug were trapped in side a cave and a huge amount of water was going to invade the cave. Another of my favorite parts was when Ben slipped on his skateboard. Therefore, I recommend this book for people who like adventure stories.

- Faraz (Grade 3)

My opinion of Go Fly a Kite is that it is an outstanding, fabulous adventure book. If I was a critic, I would give it an A+. It is outstanding. It should be in the top ten best books in Canada and the U.S.A. Everyone should read this book. When Ben and Doug rescue the children you will be full of joy. Nemahs stories are hilarious. You will love the boys for how they trick the poachers into jumping off a cliff. Youll be begging for more pages to read at the end of the book.

-Julian (Grade 3)

In my opinion, Go Fly a Kite is a funny book. It has lots of sarcasm and puns. Also, it has a lot of funny things that the characters do. Thats why Go Fly a Kite is the funniest book Ive ever read.

- Mitchell (Grade 3)

Go Fly a Kite is AN EXTRAORDINARY BOOK BECAUSE IT IS EXCITING. It is a really good book because there were many details and really interesting words. Also, it is a very funny book. Also, it has a lot of facts about bats.

- Ben (Grade 3)

Go Fly a Kite is a great book. It is very addicting! I also like the awesome ideas the author uses. I mean who doesn't like explosions?I feel that everyone should read breat books like this one. How Ben and Doug got stuck in a cave and then finally escaped was amazing!

- Hanqi (Grade 3)

In my opinion, Go Fly a Kite is an excellent book. The author uses interesting words. It doesnt have the word "said" every time dialogue is used. The author used words like: answered, commented, and other words instead of "said". Also, this book teaches us a lesson about lying. Adults will enjoy it too, because it is a little bit about them.

My favorite character is Nemah. He is an old man that is hilarious, and grumpy. Therefore, Go Fly a Kite is an awesome book to read by Gaines Fox.

-Dur-e-Adan (Grade 4)

I think Go Fly a Kite is a very good book&A 100% great book. It is a very interesting book and funny and exciting. The book doesnt have the word "said" in every dialogue sentence. Go Fly a Kite is amazing!

- LaTiffany (Grade 4)

I think Go Fly a Kite is a great book. My favourite parts are the explosion, and when Ben and Doug get scared. This is the most interesting story.

- Austin (Grade 4)

In my opinion, I think Go Fly a Kite is an amazing book. Reading the book is an experience. You get to find a cave with a kite. In the book, there is an explosion which is exciting. I feel that everyone should read Go Fly a Kite.

- Ravia (Grade 4)

Go Fly a Kite is an awesome book because Ben and Doug always get into trouble. It's cool! For example, they tricked the criminals and made their ATVs explode. Also, the book is very funny. For example, Ben and Doug fell in bat poo. I feel that this book is funny and cool.

- Tamesh (Grade 4)

This is a great book. It has very good details and the dialogue of the characters is very interesting. It is good to be the first class ever in the world to read this book. Therefore, you should read Go Fly a Kite because it is great.

- Tooba (Grade 4)

Go Fly a Kite is a exciting book because of the ATV blowing up. My favourite part was when Ben and Doug caught the bad guys. Therefore, you should read Go Fly a Kite.

- Moazam (Grade 4)

GO FLY KITE IS AWESOME!!! I think Go Fly a Kite is awesome, and it should go to the top 10 most interesting books. It's funny. Also it has some interesting facts and smart things to do.

- Kashif (Grade 4)

I think Go Fly a Kite is a great book for kids who like adventure stories. The best part is when the two ATVs crashed and exploded. That was awesome. Another good part is when Ben and Doug got trapped in the cavern. You should read this book.

- Bryce-Garvet (Grade 4)

Go Fly a Kite is a great book because of the cool ATVs. Also, there is a funny character wh is a very old man. Therefore, you should read Go Fly a Kite.

-Vibushan (Grade 4)

I think Go Fly a Kite is a good book because the book teaches you good words. I read it all day and I have finished the book. It is funny and a good story.

- Bao (Grade 4)

Go Fly a Kite is an interesting book. It is also cool, funny, creepy, and scary. But, it is also a great book, for example, the time when the characters got caught in the cave. Read it now! Buy it now!

- Kevin (Grade 4)

I think Go Fly a Kite is a good book because is has an interesting setting and characters. My favourite part is when Nemah floods the criminals out of the old mills sluice. You should read this book because it is fun and makes you feel great.

- Uyen (Grade 4)

Go Fly a Kite is a great book. It is a good book because it is exciting and funny. If I was a person that gives ratings I would give it an A+ + + + + + +.

- Patrick (Grade 4)

Go Fly a Kite is a great book. It has a lot of descriptive words and cool parts. However, some parts are not too great because they are not so funny. My favourite part is when the boys, Doug and Ben, tricked the poacher's ATV down the hill and blew it up! I think everyone should read this book.

-Yichi (Grade 4)

I think the ending of Go Fly a Kite is a good ending because when the ATVs crashed into each other they blow up. I thought that was cool. Also, what I like about the story was that it was funny.

- Tayven (Grade 4)

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