Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park
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November 01, 1990
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Reader reviewed by Mairi

Hammond, an aging dinosaur enthusiast, has created a park the likes of which the world has never seen- Jurassic Park, home to several living dinosaurs. At first, it seems Hammond will die as the richest man in the world- everyone who has seen the park is amazed, especially Dr. Alan Grant and his assistant, Ellie Sattler, who have dedicated their lives to studying dinosaur fossils. But the animals, though Hammond might not want to admit it, are dangerous, particularly the velociraptors- pack hunters with intelligence to rival that of gorillas and chimpanzees.

The first book I ever read by Crichton was Timeline, which I read mainly because my dad recommended it- and because I'm a nerd who enjoys reading sci-fi thrillers. Anyway, I loved it, so I was glad to find a shiny new copy of Jurassic Park on the shelves of my school's library when I was looking for a book to read. I checked it out and read it in one sitting.

Now, I should mention that I have never seen the movie (though I hope to do so soon) and that may have added to my enjoyment of the book, but it is still great- I highly recommend it.
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