The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City
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January 10, 1996
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Seventeen-year-old Alex Jackson comes home from school to find that his father, a CBC news cameraman, wants to take him to China's capital, Beijing. Once there, Alex finds himself on his own in Tian An Men Square as desperate students fight the Chinese army for their freedom. Separated from his father and carrying illegal videotapes, Alex must trust the students to help him escape.

Closely based on eyewitness accounts of the massacre in Beijing, Forbidden City is a powerful and frightening story.

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Reader reviewed by Jon

The Forbidden City is a wonderful novel it is written by William Bell. Forbidden City is about three reporters from Canada going to China to do a news report. The three reporters are Alexandra, Ted Jackson, and Eddie. A person that helps these three reporters is Lao Xu and he works for the Chinese government and he is very educated in history and arts. The novel starts out peacefully by having Alexandras dad saying, do you want to go to China and we can look at Terra cotta Warriors? In China they visited the great wall and the Terra cotta Warriors. When Alexander is in China he explored many places in China that he wanted to go to till he knew the Forbidden City very well. The climax of this novel is when Eddie heard that some students are going to do some demonstration. Alexandra soon skips school to help his dad and Eddie to gather more news back to Canada. The Chinese government soon uses military to stop the demonstration and Lao Xu gets killed. One of the people that Alexandra met while interviewing people found him shot and they help him get healed. The Chinese students takes care of him and send him back to the protection place for Canadians and he smuggle the types. This book is really good because it has a lot of history information in it.
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