Eclipse (Sweep #12)

Eclipse (Sweep #12)
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June 10, 2002
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Hunter and Morgan join together with a surprising new ally to fight for the people they love. In this struggle of good versus evil, who will survive to tell the tale?

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Reader reviewed by maddy

I was a little disappointed with the book before this but Eclipse just grips you right back into the series!! :)

Anyway Eclipse is from Morgan and Alisas point of view. During Morgans weekly circles with Kithic she recieves a vision/message from Ciaran saying that he knows she put the watch sigil on him, and that he'l forgive her, and that hes coming to Widows Vale. Morgan is so not in the mood for his arrival, Mr. Niall dislikes and distrusts Morgan because of her heritage and her ancestor Rose being the creator of the dark wave that he ran from for eleven years. Morgan is desperate to gain his trust so that Hunter will never have to choose between them. On top of that Ciaran asks her to join him, threatening that if she refuses her loved ones will pay. What will Morgan do? and its not the only disicion Morgan will have to make, ohh no. (You have to read it, lol)

Alisa always regarded herself as normal and Morgan and Hunters abilities scared her, until one day at the Rowlands she spots a book in Morgans backpack, and is drawn to it although she doesnt know why. She takes it and finds out that it is a BoS which belonged to a woman named Sarah Curtis, she notices that this woman has the same surname as her mothers maiden name. Alisa gets a BIG shock (for me too) Not only that, but disaster strikes and suddenly everyone is depending on Alsa, she is the only possible person who can do it, and now everyones fate lies in Alisas hands. Will she be able to do it????

Eclipse was literaly incredible, definatly the best in the series so far!! Morgan made a very brave decision in which she is admired for regarding Ciaran. Also when Alisa narrates you start to learn more about her and see her feelings, and you start to like her. I TOTALLY recommend this book to absolutely anyone, even if you've not read the other books in the series.

(*reprinted here with author's permission*)

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