Origins (Sweep #11)

Origins (Sweep #11)
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May 13, 2002
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The chronicle of the deadly Woodbane conspiracy-as told by one of Morgan's own ancestors-has fallen into Hunter and Morgan's hands. Hunter and Morgan explore the world of these powerful witches, to find a way to vanquish them at last.

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Sweep # 14
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Reader reviewed by Cookie

this is the fourteenth book in the series sweep, it's not told by Morgan. this book is told by one of morgan's relatives during the late 1600s. the girls name is rose and she is the first person to start the dark wave. when i started reading this book i never thought that rose (the girl) would have such dark powers and start the dark wave. but when u get close to the end of the book i understand her feelings its so sad how someones love to you can disappera in the matter of days. even though she used a spell on him to make hiom fall in love, after she got rid of the spelled stone she realized that the boy is still in love with her, but then another girl stole him from her. even if they loved each other without the stone, i don't think that theyre covens would have let then marry because rose is a woodbayne. so at the end of the book rose is turnes dark, and shes pregnant. this one is really sad. just read it. now i have to get the 12th, 13ht, 14th, and 15th books so bad ifeel so empty without those books in my life.
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