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river rats
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Reader reviewed by A.J. Madden

A.J. Madden
River Rats by Caroline Stevermer is a great story about a group of orphans travel on a post nuclear holocaust stricken Mississippi river. The title River Rat refers to the old steamboat the group of friends travels on. Tom Cat one of the crews young boys is at the bow of the ship taking readings on the depths and its a normal day until they save a man, who was being chased by men and a few dogs, named King from the toxic water of the river. Saving him will be one of the worst mistakes the young crew will make and gets them into trouble with a group of men named the Lesters. The adventures and peril they seem to be in after there encounter with this group of never lacks in entertainment.
As a light sci-fi fan I recommend this book to anyone who wants an adventures tale with twist and turns, but also and easy read. Stevermer never seems to leave a moment in the book when you are wondering what will happen next, or what may be around the next corner. Whether its a deserted town filled with Wild Boyz, Lesters, or a risk of contamination. This book although a light read is full of things that make great stories. The author does a great job with the plot twist and turns and never has to many so the reader will get confused. Overall I recommend River Rats to anyone who wants an easy read with a hint of sci-fi. River Rats by Caroline Stevermer is a great book.
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