The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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A Window to Antoher Life
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Reader reviewed by Sandy Anton

You never really stop to think about the differences that an autistic person might have live with everyday. This book clearly illustrates those differences. When I first started reading this book, it was kind of scary to imagine feeling like Christopher and how isolated he must be. Of course, growing up with a disorder you would never know the other side of the story unless someone told you but never having to deal with this, I have to try to picture what life like that must be like. Mark Haddon allows everyone who has never gave a second thought to the differences between these two completely different lifestyles a chance to get an understanding of kids and people who have autism by creating this unconventional hero. The real importance of this book is that it replaces a compassion for something unknown to you with and understanding and insight in a fun way, plus you get a new book to add to your list of your Top 10.

Mark Haddon was able to give a glimpse into this parallel universe that most of us know little about. Its funny and interesting to really be able to understand how Christopher (the main character) feels and thinks. Part of the story is that Christopher doesnt know how to add adjectives and descriptions into his story as he writes his book that begins as a mystery novel but Mark Haddon is able to draw a clear picture in your mind so that you feel like youre in England with Christopher trying to solve the mystery. There are so many twists to the plot that completely relates to how life changes and is always so unpredictable. This mock-autobiography captures your attention from the first page when a fifteen year-old autistic boy shows deep emotion for a dead dog lying in his neighbors yard and holds it all the way to the end when Christopher travels across England to find his mother as he tries to piece back together his life. All the while he is alone and afraid with his journal as his only friend.
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