Chanda's Wars (Chanda #2)

Chanda's Wars (Chanda #2)
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March 11, 2008
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She promised her mama she'd keep them safe.

It's been six months since Mama died, and Chanda is struggling to raise her little brother and sister. Determined to end a family feud, she takes them to her relatives' remote rural village.

But across the nearby border, a brutal civil war is spreading. Rebels led by the ruthless General Mandiki attack at night, stealing children. All that separates Chanda from the horror is a stretch of rugged bush and a national park alive with predators. Soon, not even that. Before she knows it, Chanda must face the unthinkable, with a troubled young tracker as her unlikely ally.

"Chanda's Wars" is the unforgettable story of a teenager who risks everything to save her brother and sister. Epic in its sweep, intimate in its humanity, here is a gripping tale of family intrigue, love and courage, forgiveness and hope.

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A Tale of Child Soldiers
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Reader reviewed by MRose52

This is a beautyful story about everyday struggles in Africa. Although it mainly focuses on the horrors of child soldiers, you also glimpse African views of thing such as the AIDS epidemic, African beliefs and lifestyles, poverty, and lack of resources (such as cattle, medicine, and education).

Chanda, the main character, is summoned to her family's farm. She has ben outcased for years, due to her families belif in a cure that her mother set when breaking off her arranged marrage to marry Chanda's father. Now, with Chanda's mother dead, her dying grandparents want to give Chanda and her siblings their blessing...or so it seems. However, the real reason they have brought her to them is to guilt her into an arranged marrage with her neghbors, a marrage that will benifit everyone they say...everyone but Chanda. Chanda knows her families neghbors, be women are bruised and cut when the men return home drunk each day...and little Pacho dosen't beat his fathers grave out of love.

But when Chanda refuses to marry Nelson, nobody understands. To them, she has brought the curse alive again. This curse brings the rebel army to Tiro, killing its adults and staling the children. Despite- or maybe because of- her families hatred of her, Chanda knows she has to rescue the children. But Chanda's no tracker, she's a city girl...

A suspenseful and powerful novel you won't be able to put down, "Chanda's Wars" will keep you hanging until the end.

"I believe in the power of the ancestors. They speak to me. I always try to do what they say. But sometimes, I thinl what they say, and what I hear, are two different things. I think, sometimes, I've heard what I wanted to hear. I'm old now. Soon, I'll join the ancestors. When that time comes, I'll ask them what they really wanted me to do, and I'll ask myself why I didn't listen more carefully." (Chanda's grandmother giving her blessing to Chanda before she attempts to rescue her siblings)
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