The Moon is Down

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completely different - in a good way
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Reader reviewed by abscae

My English teacher says that the way you approach a book results in what you gain from the book. This book can be looked at from many different perspectives: as a literature reader, writer, historian, etc.

The most fascinating aspect of this novel is the historian point of view in my opinion. Written by Steinbeck during World War II, this book was solely propaganda for the Americans at that time. However, instead of inspiring Americans to revolt against the Nazis, it inspired every other country that had concentration camps and such.

This novel is about a town (aloofly about nowhere specific) that is invaded by 'others.' It is of the tale of the invading, the fear of the invaders, and the resistance of the invaded. Spurning a whole lot of politics, Steinbeck created an unforgettable tale, even read now for its wisdom. Full of theories and themes, this book left me enlightened. It is a pure classic.
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