Miki Falls: Spring

Miki Falls: Spring
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May 01, 2007
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Reader reviewed by mlecompt

Everyone at Miki's school is abuzz about the new student, Hiro, but when he finally arrives, he won't talk to anyone and doesn't participate in any clubs. All of the students write him off except Miki. She decides to get to know him no matter what, but just when it seems she is making some headway, he shuts her out. There is something that Hiro is keeping secret from the world and Miki decides to find out what it is no matter what.

This book is wonderful. The art is very pretty with detailed backgrounds and lots of shading. Page composition is also excellent. The story is interesting and slightly suspenseful and the dialogue is well-written. Examples:

Opening narration by Miki as she falls out a window:

"I don't know what my plan was when I threw myself out the window. I don't even know if I had a plan at all. All that mattered was getting away from the people in that room."

In response to a friend asking her about boys:

"Yoshi... Is a sleazeball. Dating him would be like putting on a pair of wet socks."

I do have a few reservations about Hiro's secret being a bit hokey, but we'll see how that works out in the next volume. Overall this volume was delightful.
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