Awakening (Lily Dale #1)

Awakening (Lily Dale #1)
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August 21, 2007
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Calla thought that her boyfriend breaking up with her in a text message was the worst thing that could ever happen to her. But just two weeks later, her mother died in a freak accident, and life as she knew it was completely over. With her father heading to California for a new job, they decide that Calla should spend a few weeks with the grandmother she barely knows while he gets them set up.
To Calla's shock, her mother's hometown of Lily Dale is a town full of psychics--including her grandmother. Suddenly, the fact that her mother never talked about her past takes on more mysterious overtones. The longer she stays in town, the stranger things become, as Calla starts to experience unusual and unsettling events that lead her to wonder whether she has inherited her grandmother's unique gift. Is it this gift that is making her suspect that her mother's death was more than an accident, or is it just an overactive imagination? Staying in Lily Dale is the only way to uncover the truth. But will Calla be able to deal with what she learns about her mother's past and her own future?

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Great new series
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Reader reviewed by K. Hager

Wendy Corsi Staub has done a great job with this new book. So far two books have been published with a new one expected to be released in November 2008 (can you tell I'm eager?) This series is about Calla a girl who loses her mother under suspicious circumstances (was it an accident or was it murder?) and she goes to visit her grandmother in Lily Dale a town known for psychics and those who can see and speak to the dead. Calla soon finds she has this ability as ghosts began to visit her to help them solve their disappearances.

Without giving too much away, Calla is able to receive messages and help, but also puts herself in danger. She begins to learn more about her mother's past (her mother and grandmother were a bit estranged) and begins to learn about her gift.

This is an intriguing two books and I am eager to read book three. If you enjoy Lois Duncun or any sort of paranormal books, then this is one you will want to check out.
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