Don't Get It Twisted (Del Rio Bay Clique #2)

Don't Get It Twisted (Del Rio Bay Clique #2)
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December 01, 2007
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Mina Mooney's parents are killing her social life. It's time to fight back.
Mina's fantasy has finally come true. Craig Simpson-the hottest guy at Del Rio Bay High-has just invited her to the biggest bash of the year. There's just one hitch— her parents aren't down with letting Mina date a boy they know nothing about. Now she has thirteen days to give her parents a crash course in Craig, or else figure out how to get her fine self to the soiree-without alerting mom and pops. Whatever she decides, she's going to need reinforcements.

Unfortunately, her peeps are caught up in their own twists and turns. Jacinta's boyfriend has been getting on her nerves about spending so much time in `burbville, while rich and sheltered Kelly just might kick it with Angel, a cute, slick-talking hustler from the projects. And ever since JZ made varsity basketball, his mind has been glued to the game instead of schoolwork, which means his dad might make him drop all sports. As for Mina, if she doesn't succeed in enlisting the help of her friends-and fast-her social life just might hit skid row.

A fast-paced novel about loyalty, love, and friendship, Don't Get It Twisted shows what it takes to have a blast while breaking all the rules.

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How Far Does Loyalty To Friends Go?
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Paula Chase continues the Drama of Del Rio Bay High in Dont Get It Twisted. Mina Mooney and her clique are cruising through the first semester of freshman year. There are some ups and downs, but so far the friends have all stuck tight. However, as Christmas break approaches, each friend has their own personal issues that they are struggling with.

Minas relationship with school hottie Craig is hard to navigate, especially when her parents dont allow her to date. When Mina sneaks out to a party, she feels bad lying to her parents, but she feels like its worth it if it means she can spend time with her honey.

JZ, the cliques resident athlete is having trouble keeping his grades up to his fathers high standards. While basketball is the only thing on his mind, he knows that if he lets his grades slip, he wont even be on the team anymore. JZ calls on Lizzie to help tutor him, and she readily agrees. But when her tutoring is not enough, well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Will JZ compromise his morals and cheat to pass a test? And will he bring Lizzie down with him?

Jacinta is having some major problems with her boyfriend of two years, Raheem. Ever since she moved to the suburbs, they havent been getting along as well. It seems like every time they hang out, Raheem is questioning Jacintas loyalty to him and their neighborhood. Why does making new friends have to mean betraying her old friends?

Kelly has been talking more and more with Angel, one of Jacintas friends that she met in the Cove. She knows that hes involved with dealing drugs, but at the same time, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Can somebody who disobeys the law be good boyfriend material?

Chases latest installment in the Del Rio Bay series explores the importance of loyalty and trust in relationships and friendships. Picking up right where So Not The Drama left off, Chase doesnt miss a beat. Her ability to create a unique storyline for each characters while having their individual plots intertwine so smoothly is quite remarkable. People change so much during high school, and Chase isnt afraid to let her characters develop and grow. Her writing is very succinct, and she frequently uses IM conversations and modern slang to tell her story. Kids who are up-to-date on their slang will appreciate this touch, and the story will seem more real to them. But if you dont know what dag means, you might be more than a little confused by some of the terminology and incorrect grammar used in this book. There are not enough current young adult books that portray strong, realistic characters of mixed races, and Chases Del Rio Bay Clique novels are an excellent series for showing friendship that crosses racial and social boundaries.
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