Under the Rose (Ivy League #2)

Under the Rose (Ivy League #2)
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June 26, 2007
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Amy Haskel made it into elite Eli University. Then she made it into the ultraselective Order of Rose & Grave. Now a senior, Amy is looking her future squarely in the eye—until someone starts selling society secrets. When a series of bizarre messages suggests conspiracy within the ranks and a female knight mysteriously disappears, no member of Rose & Grave is safe…or above suspicion.

On her side, Amy has a few loyal Diggirls—her fellow female Rose & Grave knights. Against her? Certainly it’s a group of Rose & Grave’s überpowerful patriarchs who want their old boys’ club back. As new developments in her love life threaten to implode, and the case of the vanished Diggirl gets weirder by the moment, Amy will need to use every society trick she’s ever learned in order to set things right. Even if it means turning to old adversaries for help—or discovering that the real foes are closer than she’d thought…

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Reader reviewed by the book muncher

Amy Haskel is back in this amazing sequel to Diana Peterfreunds Secret Society Girl. Amys tap class is in danger once more of being invalidated. Its time to initiate the laggers, but disaster occurs when one tap runs from initiation and refuses to come back. The Dig Girls have all received strange emails, yet they brush it aside in the face of more danger. Someone is threatening to expose all their secrets. And Jenny Santos has disappeared.

Amy doesnt know who to trust. Some of the boys vote to kick out the women so their class wont be invalidated. The women are outraged. Whats even more surprising is that under their very noses, a secret group within the society is formed.

I thought that this second book in the series was very exciting, and I enjoyed reading it very much. The keeping of secrets in here leads to many disasters, I noticed. I thought the relationship between Amy and George was very cute, and I admired Jenny even though what she did was rather horrible. The characters in this book can be easily stereotyped, but I believe they are much more complex than they appear to be. I recommend this book for fans of the Sloppy Firsts series by Megan McCafferty.
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