Psyche In A Dress

Psyche In A Dress
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August 24, 2006
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But this is what
I could not give up:
I could not give up myself

Psyche has known Love--scented with jasmine and tasting of fresh oranges. Yet he is fleeting and fragile, lost to her too quickly. Punished by self-doubt, Psyche yearns to be transformed, like the beautiful and brutal figures in the myths her lover once spoke of. Attempting to uncover beauty in the darkness, she is challenged, tested, and changed by the gods and demons who tempt her. Her faith must be found again, for if she is to love, she must never look back.

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Reader reviewed by Allison Fraclose

Francesca Lia Block puts her powerful prose to work in this stunningly simple, yet amazingly complex book. We follow a teenaged girl, known as Psyche, throughout her life, which mirrors the stories in several Greek myths.

An actress in her fathers odd, violent movies, Psyche considers herself her fathers muse, who took over when her mother left. At night, she is visited by Love himself, who tells her that she is Soul. Her lover brings the sound of the ocean with him, the taste of citrus spray on her lips, and tales of long ago to her ears. She loves this man, but has no idea what he looks like, for he has forbid her to turn on the light when he is with her. Cajoled by her sisters, Psyches doubts begin to grow, and she breaks the rules by lighting a candle. Only then does she discover that she is in love with a god, and she does not deserve him.

After he leaves, Psyches life spirals into the pits of hell as she tries to win Love back. Throughout random affairs, abusive relationships, and a reunion with her mother, Psyche realizes how she is playing out the tales that Love told her long ago. She probably will never find Love again, but perhaps she can be worthy of him, someday.

A quick read with mature themes, this book will leave the reader begging for more, tempted by the satisfying banquet of words this story presents.
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