Jerome and the Seraph (Quantum Cat #1)

Jerome and the Seraph (Quantum Cat #1)
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April 15, 2002
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Brother Jerome's death came as a surprise to him. So did the afterworld. There were no cherubs, no harps, no fluffy white clouds. Jerome had pictured the afterworld as a traditional sort of place. Leo, Jerome's pet cat from the friary, turns up to say hello -- literally. Jerome is shocked, for he hadn't known that the cat could talk. Nor had he known the cat's real name was Quantuum -- "You can call me Quant," the cat says to Jerome. Is Quant dead or alive? Jerome doesn't know, for Quant still lives in the friary, yet he pops along, as if through an interdimensional catflap, to see his friend in the afterworld. What is Quant? Jerome hasn't a clue. And what is this strange world he's now in? Is it a new world or an old world? The Hound of Heaven is here, the Christian friars are here, but so are the centaurs and the Greek gods. And everyone seems to get along together just fine.

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