Angelos (Quantum Cat #2)

Angelos (Quantum Cat #2)
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September 15, 2003
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The quantum cat is back! And so are his friends, some of whom are very old friends indeed - King Minos, Deiphobe the Sibyl, Androcles, St. Jerome and the Minotaur of labyrinth fame. The Minotaur is a quiet home-loving sort of creature. So he's not too happy when a falling rock in his labyrinth bounces off his head, giving him a splitting headache and setting off a quantum leap that flings him into a garden shed somewhere. He's relieved to find his horns haven't been broken, but where in Zeus' name is he now? Brother Jerome, pottering around in the friary shed, is suddenly hurled into a maze of passageways. Where in the Lord's name is he now? The quantum cat, coming to the rescue, shows that 'now is a somewhat fluid concept...

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