A Week in the Life of Us

A Week in the Life of Us
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December 27, 2005
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A Week in the Life of Us follows eight girlsa first week as high school freshman. Zowie has just begun dating her crush Jeremy, but is hassled by his ex-girlfriend. Jaime is disturbed that her best friend Kelly is drifting away. Kelly is a competitive swimmer and also newly craves the attention of boys. Angela is tough and mouthy because she is bored with life and longs for new things to happen. Jessi experiences her first areala boyfriend only to find that things may not be as great as they seem. Crystal is coping with the recent death of her mother, her fatheras depression, and the consequences it has on the rest of her family. Dana resents her father who never looked back after the divorce, until he began to date a much younger woman. And lastly, Louise is the new girl at school who yearns to make friends with these girls.

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I Couldn't Put it Down!
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Reader reviewed by K. Weller

"A Week in the Life of Us" takes you through the first week of high school from the perspective of eight different girls. Each girl starts school with a different and unique background. Jessi is dealing with her diabetes, Dana is dealing with the fact her father has left her mother-and her and now he wants a relationship with her, Louise is starting school in a new town and doesn't know anyone, Crystal just lost her mother in a car accident and has to deal with an extremely dysfunctional family, Angela is dealing with dating an much older boy, Kelly is having friendship/loyalty issues,and Zowie's got boiy troubles.

The author, Rachel Raimondi, does an ecellet job portraying a real high school experience. You really feel what it would be like for Louise to start school trying to fit in and wind up getting a bad reputation just because you're so eager for someone to like and accept you. Raimondi also does a wonderful job of displaying the conficted feelings that Dana has as she weighs the decision of letting her father back into her life after he basically abandoned her. The most stunning portrayal though is Crystal, the freshman who was in the car the night her mother was trying to leave her dad and crashed the car killing herself and landing Crystal in the hospital. Now, after her mother's death, Crystal has to deal with her two troubled brothers and her father who takes his rage out on her.

Raimondi has written an excellent book that deals with high school beyond the usual YA books with the emphasis on clothes, sex, and lip gloss. She deals with family struggles, bad reputaions, and misunderstanding between friends that can seem so life altering when you're in high school. I would highly recommend this book. A great read!
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