The Rag and Bone Shop

The Rag and Bone Shop
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October 09, 2001
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Unbelievable and yet so Robert Cormier!
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Reader reviewed by Val

The Rag and the Bone Shop in case you weren't aware is the last of the Robert Cormier books, sadly he died in 2001 but he left us his unbelievable works. This book I would describe it as short and sweet because it gets to the point but for those of use who have read Robert Cormiers other works we know, that he doesn't do sweet. Those of you who have read his other works like Heroes and Fade know why. For those who haven't well, Robert Cormiers writing is so infamous because its harsh and cruel. It's not White Fangish with gory blood scenes at times it can be but its not that that makes the reader shiver and finish the book only to think about the ending over and over. It's Mr. Cormiers style of writing, which can be compared to a journalists. His writing is quick and clear and it exposes the harsh realities and gray areas of humanitys weaknesses and society's fallibility's. This book is about a 12-year-old boy named Jason who is suspected of having killed his friend Alicia a seven-year-old girl. The policed have no evidence so they call in the best interrogator they know a man by the name of Trent. Who has gained infamy by receiving numerous confessions. Readers right away form Jason's voice and perspective he is not the perpetrator but the other characters don't. Robert Cormier focuses on Trent's fixation with getting a confession out of the kid just to get a confession even though inside he knows the kid didn't do it. This points a finger at not law enforcements ability to manipulate, which it does but also in general how we lose track of ourselves and we become our job in society. We arent Joe or Mary no, we are a police officer intent on arresting people or we are a doctor intent on saving lives. Now, don't get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with being dedicated and devoted to your job we would not be the way we are without our criminal justice officers or a doctors. What I'm saying and what I believe Mr. Cormier was trying to point out was that when we focus to much on achieving the task without considering what the task is, is when we lose ourselves and we become somewhat corrupt. In return as you will understand when and if you read this book affects our society and more importantly the individuals within our society.
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