The Circle Opens: Cold Fire

The Circle Opens: Cold Fire
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August 16, 2002
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A great book from a great new series
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Reader reviewed by Kittygirl

Cold Fire is the third book in the new series The Circle Opens. Four years after the events chronicled in the Circle of Magic series, Dana and her teacher Frost pine have traveled to the northern country of Manor to spend the winter. Now a fully credentialed smith mage, Dana is shocked that when she discovers two twins with ambient magic that she is obligated to teach them. Anxious to find teachers for the two girls, Dana meets and becomes friends named Bennet Ladradun during her search. Ben is the village firefighter and Dana helps him save a blind girl from a burning building. Then an arsonist starts to set buildings all over the city on fire. Dana works to catch the criminal before he goes to far, but what she finds just might teach her more than she wants to know.

Unlike the series that comes before this one, The Circle Opens can easily be read out of order. I personally found the first two books rather slow compared to the earlier series and so I was reluctant to even pick this one up at all. I am so glad that I did. This book deals with slightly darker themes than the previous ones, so younger readers should exercise a bit of caution. The plot had quite a few twists and although you know who the arsonist is by the middle of the book, you keep hoping that youre wrong. A slightly sad ending, but overall a really good book.
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