Trinity of Bones

Trinity of Bones
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October 29, 2019
Naya Garth, recently resurrected, is returning to Talmir–to the homeland that betrayed her. She is no longer their spy and weapon. She will testify against her former ambassador and spymaster, Valn, the man who had her murdered. Sucked into complicated politics at the Congress of Powers, Naya must forge new alliances in order to survive–as a wraith, one of the undead, she is a reviled creature. But her true mission is to uncover secret necromancy journals that might achieve the impossible: resurrect her love, Corten, for a second time.

Corten is stuck in the fringe fighting against shadows and monsters pulling him toward true death. There he learns that something is brewing in the world of the living, in the distant land of Endra–a dangerous ritual that will seal shut the doors of death and create chaos. Will Naya and Corten be able to reunite long enough to find out who seeks immortality? In a sea of diplomats, is it even possible to uncover the truth without plunging the world into war?

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It took me way too long to actually read this book. I just kept putting it on the back burner even though I absolutely loved the first one. This book starts off almost immediately after the first book ended. Since I read the first book so long ago, I remembered the important parts but some details were a little hazy. This book did a good job on reminding me what had happened without making it drag on too much. I appreciate that in a book! One of the biggest issues in this book for me was pacing. Almost 3/4 of this book was political and just dragged. I’m not saying that the political part was bad, but it was just a change in pace from the first book. I really liked Naya learning to be a spy and how to deal with her new life but this one just took too long to get to the main point. I think that’s why once I finally started, it took me a bit to finish. Besides the pacing I loved everything else. It was really nice to see the other country and learn more about this land. It was interesting to see the afterlife as well during Corten’s chapters. The ending happened so fast and I wish it was a little dragged out a little more but it left off in such an interesting way. I haven’t heard anything for book 3 yet but I cannot wait to continue this journey.

Naya’s character was absolutely amazing in this book. Her growth from the first one is so apparent and I loved her development. She is still learning her limits but I felt like she has had so much opportunity in these books to really show off her character. The bad guys who were helping Valn were obvious to me, but it unfolded in a really good way. I really liked that Corten’s point of view was given in this book as well. A little more was learned about him since being dead but I cannot wait to see where his path lies in the future.

Overall, Trinity of Bones by Caitlin Seal was a great successor. I really enjoyed this book and what it had to offer. My only issue was the pacing of the book. It took a little longer to get into than what I would have liked and the ending seemed very rushed. However, I loved learning more about this world. And I know book 3 is going to expand on that even more! Naya’s character is amazing and I loved seeing her growth. So much has changed for her between the two books and it’s great to see such amazing development. Corten’s chapters were so interesting as well and after that ending, I can’t wait to see what happens.
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