Maybe We're Electric

Maybe We're Electric
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September 21, 2021
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From Val Emmich, the bestselling author of Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel, comes a deeply affecting story of two teens who find themselves thrown together overnight during a snowstorm and discover a surprising connection—perfect for fans of Nina LaCour, David Arnold, and Robin Benway.

Tegan Everly is quiet. Known around school simply as the girl with the hand, she's usually only her most outspoken self with her friend Neel, and right now they're not exactly talking. When Tegan is ambushed by her mom with a truth she can't face, she flees home in a snowstorm, finding refuge at a forgotten local attraction—the tiny Thomas Edison museum.

She's not alone for long. In walks Mac Durant. Striking, magnetic, a gifted athlete, Mac Durant is the classmate adored by all. Tegan can't stand him. Even his name sounds fake. Except the Mac Durant she thinks she knows isn't the one before her now—this Mac is rattled and asking her for help.

Over one unforgettable night spent consuming antique records and corner-shop provisions, Tegan and Mac cast aside their public personas and family pressures long enough to forge an unexpectedly charged bond and—in the very spot in New Jersey that inspired Edison's boldest creations—totally reinvent themselves. But could Tegan's most shameful secret destroy what they've built?

Emotionally vivid and endlessly charming, Maybe We're Electric is an artfully woven meditation on how pain can connect us—we can carry it alone in darkness or share the burden and watch the world light up again.

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MAYBE WE'RE ELECTRIC is a compelling and intriguing YA contemporary that primarily takes place overnight at the Edison museum. Tegan has run away from home in an effort to punish her mother for the argument they had. Not knowing where to go, she escaped to the museum about Thomas Edison where she works. She has some mixed feelings about the guy, his fame, and his inventions, but for now, it's a place she can escape to.

Things begin to change when a popular guy from her school, Mac, comes in with a bloody hand and makes her call 911. He is also running away from his life and decides to stay the night with her at the museum. As they begin to talk, they each reveal their truths and how their personal lives differ from the masks they wear at school. Full of revelations, this was a highly compelling read about truth, love, and the importance of embracing yourself as you are.

What I loved: This ended up being an absolutely riveting read. Told from Tegan's perspective and interspersed with second person narration and emails, the story unravels in a really fascinating way. This was definitely a character driven story, and I found both Tegan and Mac to be really intriguing characters. They both grow and learn from each other during their time spent together with plenty of heartfelt conversations and revelations. I loved the way they open up to each other and explore the museum while they do.

While there were some predictable elements around the conflicts coming, the writing kept the reader engaged. The museum setting was pretty unique and taught a lot about Edison as well - it's definitely a museum I would be curious to visit. There is a lot of beauty in the themes around family conflict, loss/grief, alcoholism, disability, bullying, and truth. Tegan and Mac are each dealing with a lot, and they help each other work through it in a really lovely way. The way everything turns out is really perfect.

What left me wanting more: I felt like the conflict was really predictable and did not feel like it was needed. I also would have loved more sharing on Tegan's side, though the reader gets a lot of this through her perspective (Mac gets less).

Final verdict: A powerful YA character-driven contemporary, MAYBE WE'RE ELECTRIC is a riveting read about growth, healing, and family conflicts. Recommend for fans of TAKE ME WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO, WE ARE INEVITABLE, and YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY.
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