The Warrior's Curse (The Traitor's Game, Book 3)

The Warrior's Curse (The Traitor's Game, Book 3)
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January 05, 2021
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The stunning third book in Jennifer A. Nielsen's New York Times bestselling Traitor's Game series!
Simon and Kestra are hurtling down paths ever farther from each other as the battle for control of Antora rages.

Simon, newly king of the Halderians, is pressed on all sides by royal duties. Harlyn Mindell is his betrothed and intended queen, but Simon can't give up hope for a life with Kestra.

Kestra, exiled, feels her magic growing -- and despite everyone's warnings, she knows she must embrace it. That power is the key to the kingdom's future.

Both still strive to defeat the evil Lord Endrick, but danger awaits them on the murky road forward. And is a common enemy enough to help them survive -- or to carry them back to each other?

Jennifer A. Nielsen delivers breathtaking twists and shocking revelations in an epic and action-packed third installment of The Traitor's Game.

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Love against all odds
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What I loved: The Warrior’s Curse is the third installment in The Traitor’s Game trilogy. The latest person to betray Kestra Dallisor is Loelle. She has been told to heal the forest of the curse Lord Endrick had placed.
This leads to deep corruption of the magic and an unquenchable thirst for power that Kestra can barely fight against.
Then she is told to join her magic to Joth Tarquin the prince of the Navan people. Only for it to backfire horribly as he cannot withstand the corruption. Joth becomes the next Endrick even more powerful than his predecessor.
Simon is now the reluctant King of the Halderians. The smart choice is to marry Harlyn Mindell but his heart still belongs to Kestra. He comes into new powers as he bonds to a dragon and seeks to find Kestra at all costs from wherever Loelle has taken her.
Even death cannot stop Kestra. Her fighting spirit keeps her going even when allies are against her and all hope seems lost.
The twists and turns in the book keep the reader guessing about how a happily ever after could come about but true love will find a way!
What left me wanting more: Poor Kestra is betrayed so many times and used by so many conflicting factions that I began to feel very sorry for her ordeal. I fully support Simon and Kestra’s relationship and was very tired of all the people keeping them apart. These characters had to work hard to seek a positive resolution!
Final Verdict: This was a great final installment to the trilogy. The characters had many obstacles to overcome but I was firmly rooting for a good outcome after so many terrible ordeals. I listened to the audiobook for part of the book and the voice actors did a great job bringing everyone to life!
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