Secrets in Translation

Secrets in Translation
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October 01, 2018
In this celebration of Italian life and culture, seventeen-year-old Alessandra returns for the summer to Italy, where she grew up. Pressured by her parents into babysitting a rebellious twelve year old—ruining holiday plans with newfound American friends—Alessandra resigns herself to a tedious summer in Positano. Her babysitting gig, however, turns out to be anything but boring! Not only does Alessandra fall for the handsome son of the Bertolucci family, renowned for their limoncello production, but when a body mysteriously turns up on the beach, the influence of organized crime in Positano becomes frighteningly real. As Alessandra is drawn further into an elaborate conspiracy, she must risk everything to protect herself, her family, and those she loves, and in the process finds herself—and her Italian heart.

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Italian Contemporary Romance
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After living in America and having trouble fitting in, Alex is hesitant to return to Italy. However, her parents won't let her out of the task of being the nanny for their friend's 12 year old, Carrie. Carrie seems like a brat and Alex wonders how she's supposed to rein her in and keep her straight while dealing with holding on to her American side. Then, she meets the adorable Carlo. He's sweet and is all about business. He and Alex don't connect at first, but that just keeps things interesting.

But not everything is as it seems in the little Italian town they choose to stay at. The Sacra Lista, the Italian mafia, are working in the background. Alex finds it hard deciphering who she can trust and who is lying straight to her face. Then, bad things start happening to those she cares for and she can't just sit by and do nothing.

SECRETS IN TRANSLATION is a cute contemporary romance that also focuses on discovering yourself. Alex has an identity crisis because she wants to hold on to her new American side. However, in Italy, it's so easy for her to fall back into her Italian roots, especially when she's with Carlo. I love the inclusion of the mafia because it brings suspense and mystery to this novel which builds the plot up even more.

Final Verdict: Overall SECRETS IN TRANSLATION is a great summer read and I would recommend this to fans of contemporary romance, Italian living, coming of age stories, and mystery/suspense.
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